Customized Internship Program Service

Your customized internship program can be compiled and completed within a two week period. Marc Scoleri, CEO of provides an assessment and evaluation ($125/hour consulting fee) of the business to identify internship program needs and delivers the following:

1) A mission for the internship program: Every quality internship program should have a clear focus or mission that drives and explains the program to interns, colleges and partners.

2) Goals and objectives of internship program: We source objectives from the people who work closest to the interns and design the program with these in mind resulting in a quality and focused program.

3) Create or improve job descriptions and learning exercises:Completing these will help with setting the correct expectations and fully explains opportunities to interns and colleges.

4) Create a one page detailed program description:This is often used for the company website and other materials such as welcome packets.

5) Identify unique benefits for the program: We help you differentiate your program and recommend cost effective ways to make your program more valuable and attractive to students and graduates.

6) Create specialized agreements for interns and company to set expectations for: Hours, length of program, accountabilities, college credit, paid vs. unpaid compensation, outcomes, benefits, evaluations and program administration, guidance, ect.)

7) Create recruiting and promotion strategies: Create a strategy and target resources for promoting the internship program.

8) Delivery of branded and compiled internship program: Your internship program will be delivered in PDF and Word format so you can continue to update your agreements and program structure as it grows. 

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