Quickstart Internship System w/ consult

The Quickstart Internship System includes step-by-step directions within an interactive PDF and customizable forms to customize and launch your internship program in less than a week. Professionally brand your own program catered to your business needs. Marc Scoleri, CEO of CreativeInterns.com published this easy to use resource so any size business could create a quality internship program.


• 60 minute consultation with easy to follow guide with relevant examples and suggestions
• Start hiring interns as soon as you complete the Quickstart Internship System
• Get help with your projects when you complete the Quickstart Internship System
• Reduce your recruiting costs by implementing an internship program

Here's what you'll create while using the Quickstart Internship System

• Internship Program Mission
• Program Requirements
• Program Objectives
• Learning Exercises for Interns
• Job Descriptions
• Recruiting Plans

Included with download:

• Interactive Quickstart Internship System PDF

And these forms/templates...

• Form A_Sample Offer Letter- Paid Internship.docx
• Form B_Sample Offer Letter- Unpaid Internship.docx
• Form C_Sample Offer Letter Unpaid For-Credit Internship.docx
• Form D_Weekly Timesheet.docx
• Form E_Intern Evaluation.docx
• Form F_Program Evaluation.docx
• Form G_Welcome Packet Template for Interns_Master.docx
• Form H_Internship Program Template for Employers_Master.docx