Quickstart Internship System (DIY)

Grow any size business with a quality internship program. The Quickstart Internship System includes step-by-step directions, interactive PDF and customizable Word document forms to instantly create and launch your internship program. Professionally brand your own internship program catered to your business needs. Marc Scoleri, CEO of CreativeInterns.com published this easy to use resource so any size business could create a quality internship program.

Download includes:

• Interactive Quickstart Internship System PDF

And these forms/templates...

• Form A_Sample Offer Letter- Paid Internship.docx
• Form B_Sample Offer Letter- Unpaid Internship.docx
• Form C_Sample Offer Letter Unpaid For-Credit Internship.docx
• Form D_Weekly Timesheet.docx
• Form E_Intern Evaluation.docx
• Form F_Program Evaluation.docx
• Form G_Welcome Packet Template for Interns_Master.docx
• Form H_Internship Program Template for Employers_Master.docx


• Easy to follow guide with relevant examples and suggestions
• Start hiring interns as soon as you complete the Quickstart Internship System
• Get help with your projects when you complete the Quickstart Internship System
• Reduce your recruiting costs by implementing an internship program