Career Advisor Services

Invest in Personalized Career Advisement sessions with Marc Scoleri, CEO, Co-Founder of

Skype or Google Hangout consultations for job seekers that need help creating a game plan for launching their careers. Marc has assisted thousands of students, recent graduates and career changers in getting their career vision and game plan on track and in action.

Personalized Service includes:

1. One 60 minute assessment call or in person consultation

2. Four 30 minute Skype or Google Hangouts to create and launch your job search game plan.

3. Develop a career vision and game plan with realistic and acheivable actions to take your career to the next level.

4. Receive assessment and review of current resume and/or portfolio.

5. Complete exercises to learn techniques to promote yourself to targeted employers.

6. Increase your sphere of influence and utilize social media platforms to contact key people that have the authority to hire you.

♦♦ We will contact you via email to schedule your initial 60 minute consultation within 48 hours of your investment.