For Educators

Quickstart Internship System w/...

This premium version of the Quickstart Internship System includes a 60 minute consultation via Skype or phone call with to assure premium quality and timely launching of your internship program.

Jumpstart Your Creative Career

Jumpstart Your Creative Career eBook. Over 100 creative industry resources, networking tips and self-promotion techniques to jumpstart your career. 

Quickstart Internship System (DIY)

Grow your business faster. Download this Quickstart Internship System, a do-it-yourself guide that gives you all the neccessary tools, examples and direction needed to create a quality internship program.

Outsourced Creative Services

Outsource creative skills such as blogging, content creation, presentation design, motion graphics videos and design. Retain Creative Village, LLC to find creative talent for your project needs. Currently serving the New York City area.

Customized Internship Program...

This specialized service results in a customized internship program created for any size business or department within a company. This service is different from the Quickstart Internship System as the entire program is created and compiled by