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  The Mutual is a social enterprise that rewards people for donating to environmental charities with Perks from great brands.   We help individuals and businesses live and operate more sustainably by connecting them to non-profit causes in a model that creates value for all three parties.  The Mutual is about making it profitable, rewarding and easy to do what’s best for our planet. The Mutual is comprised of a three-part community: individual members, partner businesses and cause partners.  We have redesigned the traditional coupon and applied it to a model akin to a balanced ecosystem in which each of the three participants gives to and takes benefits from one another. Since launching in December 2011, we have seen traction in our model and received great press by over 25 publications.  We are in the early stages of growth and are looking for bright, motivated individuals to assist with web design (tech development and graphic design opportunities are also available).  We want to fill intnernship positions and are looking for candidates interested in entrepreneurial opportunities. We are looking for designers and developers (internships).  Please e-mail if interested.

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