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PlaySportsTV is the most trafficked youth sports coaching and instructional website in the US.  Our monthly traffic is over 70,000 unique users.  An additional 25,000 users have access to portions of our content on white-labeled affiliate sites including Sports Illustrated Kids, iHoops, ESPN High School, and numerous other endemic sports sites We have produced and own over 3,500 short-form instructional videos in 18 different youth sports.  The content is professionally produced and structured in age and skill-level specific content bundles.  Our business model has changed from a freemium service – a combination of free libraries and paid services - to a monthly subscription service a la Netflix and/or hulu plus.  The new service started in September, 2011 and the early signs point to us being on the right track.  On a month to month basis we are retaining 85% of subscribers.

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