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How Time Tracking Software Increases Productivity of Your Employees

Time tracking software for employees is a concept built on increased productivity, closer monitoring and a more results-driven workforce. If your business can make use of employees’ time tracking software, it will make for sound business sense and an improved return from your freelance staff and home workers’ productivity.


More and more businesses are making use of home workers and freelancers to drive down costs; and for many small start-ups and even large enterprises, it’s a sound idea and investment. Expecting a freelancer or even a regular employee to battle their way into work each day, through heavy traffic is not a productive idea however.

It is far better to have those employees hit the working day running. But it’s the age old problem of management and supervisory staff members not being able to physically see workload being actively completed that has held the idea of home working back for so many small businesses.

Time tracking software for employees totally changes all that. Software that tracks employees’ time spent on a job or a specific task, helps businesses to micro-manage all the work a freelancer or a home worker spends all day doing.

Time tracking software starts up the moment the home worker switches on their computer, so it can be an excellent motivational tool for the employee to “clock in” and start the working day. But time tracking software for employees does not simply start and stop with the logging in of someone sat at a computer.

A complete picture of the working day is presented and graphs, diagrams and time is simplified to let employers know what its remote employees spend their time actually doing. It can highlight that some employees are spending too much time reading emails and too little on completing the spreadsheets for the end-of-month sales figures; it may also show that an employee is spending too much time on low-productivity websites, such as social media, sports, news, and messaging web pages.

However, many businesses – particularly those in advertising and promotion – need employees to spend time on social media to promote the business and update live feeds to potential customers. This is where time tracking software for employees comes in handy, as it is easily adjustable to switch individual options for a separate employees or departments.

In other words, accounts departments will need to spend a lot of time on live currency update sites, whereas the sales departments should be spending more time on web pages which might attract new clients. Time tracking software for employees can easily be adapted to suit what is best for you and the business.




Time Management 101


Ok seriously, your day-to-day tasks have become overbearing and you’re beginning to feel like you have no time to breathe (that may be a bit of a problem). It is time, to refocus your energy and truly practice real time management so you’re not feeling the dreaded “burn-out”.

Plan each day

Plan out your day the night before and that will help you feel more control of your life. Write a to-do list, putting only the most important tasks at the top. On your to-do list include the time of when each task should be completed to avoid spending too much time on a task and to minimize last-minute rushes.


Take a look at your to-do list and consider a task that you possibly can pass to someone else or even seek help. The best projects weren’t built by one individual.

Limit distractions

Block out time on your calendar to do big projects – like an analyst for your boss or a major term paper. During that time, turn off your phone, iPad, email and focus solely on the project. Yes at work you can put on an automated message on your phone and email to get a large project done on time.

Evaluate how you’re spending your time

Try something different: Keep a diary of everything you do for three days to determine how you’re spending your time. Spending three hours surfing the Internet with no purpose? Maybe take one of those hours to exercise, another to hang out with family or friends. Your three-day diary track will show you how you need to spend your time more wisely.

Create a healthy environment

Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and have a healthy diet. A healthy lifestyle will improve your focus and concentration, which helps to improve your efficiency so that you can complete your work in a reasonable time.