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How Do You Network?

Image courtesy of: Samuel Mann

How Do You Network?

1. Be clear about your expertise and the resource you can be for others.

2. Be vulnerable and willing to ask for help.

3. Become a team player.

4. Accept and express appreciation of the support and contributions of others.

5. Develop short and long-term goals. Revise them regularly.

6. Organize a list of who is currently in your network.

7. Portray professionalism through your actions and presentation.

8. Introduce yourself in a way that is clear, concise, and personable. This will generate interest.

9. Reintroduce yourself to people rather than waiting for them to remember you.

10. Focus on people as they are introduced so that you remember their name and who they are.

11. Become comfortable creating visibility for you.

12. Give business cards out only after rapport has been developed.

13. Make notations about the person and the conversation you had on business cards you receive for follow-up conversations.

14. Nurture your network with calls, notes and gifts when appropriate.

15. Prepare before attending networking events by practicing introduction and researching what topics of interests will be discussed at the event.

16. Decide what organizational method you will use to store your network contacts (e.g., iPhone, Blackberry, Gmail, Outlook address book).

17. Return phone calls to people in your network within 24 hours.

18. Become committed to the success of the people in your network.

19. Approach each contact and opportunity with an open mind.

20. Keep your network in the forefront of your thinking.



• Social gatherings (Meetups)

• Over the phone

• Job fairs

• Place of employment

• Seminars

• Association meetings

• Religious affiliations

• Workshops

• Volunteer events

• Internet social networks

• Industry conferences

• Educational institutions



• Neighbors

• Friends

• Co-workers

• Family

• Clients

• Anyone within three feet of you

• Vendors

• Local business owners


Written by: Marc Scoleri