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You Too Can Find Your Dream Job, Here’s How?


If your current job does not satisfy you or you think it is time for a change in careers, you are most likely leaning in direction of following your dreams of working in the industry of your dreams. It is unlikely that you will jump from one bad job to another so if you are seriously thinking of leaving your current job for a new one, we suggest you apply for your dream job. You do not want to waste your time in yet another job that does not satisfy you.  Life is way too short.

If you are seriously considering this, you need to do the following things to land the job of your dreams:

1.    Get a Clear Idea of What Your Ideal Job Is

Can you sum up in two to three sentences of what your ideal job is? If you cannot, we have some major work to do here. You need to be able to define the exact requirements you are looking for in a job that you absolutely want.

Base your requirements on your interests and hobbies, and then come up with a job description that matches them. We repeat never ever take or leave a job based on other people’s view on it. For instance, you love to paint and want to make a career out of it, knowing that not many succeed. Just go ahead and do it.

2.    Learn to Sacrifice and Compromise

In the beginning of any job, you will struggle, but it is on how you handle the struggle that defines your success in the future. To deal with the setbacks, you will have to compromise on certain things. You might have to sacrifice going out to eat with friends, your car, and other things. However, the sacrifices and compromises that you make all depend on the type of job you have selected for yourself.

3.    Learn to Sell Your Skills

If you are a website designer, you will need to find customers who need their websites revamped. How will you find them? By calling them and selling your services, you might land a few clients. Remember, companies may not want to hire an unknown person cold calling them. In the beginning stages of your dream job, you can sell your services at no cost to them. Perhaps, they might even end up hiring you.

4.    Never Give Up

You might not find your dream job as soon as start looking for one. You may land interviews, but may not secure the jobs, but the key here is never to give up. You need to keep searching for your dream job regardless if takes you a six months or a whole year. Since it can take you a while, remain at your old job or take up freelancing jobs in your field to showcase your talents.

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The Secrets Behind the Interview Process

Image courtesy of val.pearl

Conducting an interview is a long and complicated process. Often times the hiring decision is made in an unexpected way. Here are some secrets that employers won’t tell you during the interview.

You didn’t get invited to interview? That doesn’t mean you are not good enough.

While it is true that employers select candidates who they think are the best fit, sometimes companies make decisions based on other unchangeable factors such as location or graduation date. A company I knew once had an immediate opening for an entry-level position, and there were over 200 applicants in a single month. Since this was an immediate opening the hiring manager filtered the candidates using two simple criteria: the person must have already graduated and the person must have at least one working experience related to the field. A lot of great candidates with excellent experience did not even get considered because they were still enrolled in school and the company needed someone who could start work as soon as possible. So don’t feel bad if you don’t get an interview at the company you want to work for. It may have nothing to do with your skills and capacity. Be confident in yourself.

The decision is usually made right after the interview.

Yes, you are told to wait a week or two for a decision. However, it’s often the case that employers have already made up their mind right after the interview. Research shows that employers only spend 4-5 minutes before they make an initial decision on whether you fit with the company. They estimate a longer time only because the company has other candidates scheduled to interview after you, and they will need to make some comparison to make sure they choose the right person. The evaluation of you is mostly done during your interview.

Performance is only one part, personality and cultural fit-in are also important.

Your performance at the interview is definitely a crucial element in determining your chances of being hired. However, employers make hiring decisions not only based on your performance. Having a good conversation with the interviewer is one thing, and determining if you are a good fit for the company culture is another. This is especially true for entry-level positions since those positions do not require a lot of experience. Cultural fit becomes key. After all, you will be working with people who you need to get along with to get the job done. So keep in mind that employers want to choose not only the best qualified, but the most suitable candidates for their company.

Written by Cathy Qiu