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How important is internship experience?

Photo by coletivopegadaIt is widely known that nowadays a college diploma will not guarantee you job, no matter how high your GPA is or how many honor societies you are involved with. Hands on experience is valued more and more.

Once you start college, you usually have 4 years before you have to get a job, start earning money and supporting yourself. I agree that some time in college is for parties, and having fun,  but I know that if you manage your time wisely you will actually have something of value to put on your resume so when you graduate, you can start looking for a job.

It is ideal to have few internships completed by the time you graduate. This experience counts as a huge asset. Employers will be looking for this experience on your resume. In fact, a lot of companies say that they will consider this as an important deciding factor on whether they will be accepting a new graduate for full-time position or not. I think this should be enough to get you motivated to build your resume while still in school so you can get out there and start looking for a internship. Resume building experience is just one benefit of completing several internships.

Many of us have been studying our major for few years but we don’t really have a clear picture of how it all applies in “real life” and the “work world.” When you are working as intern you get to know the secrets and techniques of different practical knowledge that you can’t really learn when you are confined in the four corners of your classroom. Although, this knowledge is concentrated on the practical application of your major, it could be very useful to you after you graduate.

A 4.0 GPA is not going to guarantee you a job, and a 4.0 GPA doesn’t always mean that you are able to use all your knowledge effectively in everyday life. During an internship, you are asked to perform specific tasks or help out on projects. Having these experiences can be your proof of your abilities and expose you to actual industry experience. You can use this experience to build up your portfolio or resume. In fact, it can be very beneficial for you if an entire project is assigned to you. This way, all credit for the project would be yours and you can explain the project and your achievement during an interview..

One of my favorite benefits of an internship is the networking and relationship building opportunities you get from working side by side other industry professionals. You can meet lots of very interesting people in your field, exchange experiences, knowledge and build your contacts or Linkedin profile. THis will benefit you when looking for a job. Also you will be more confident in yourself if you go through an internship experience.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get from completing several internships. So, if your college curriculum does not require you to complete an internship, it could only benefit you to find and complete at least one, if not three in your field of study.

Written by Ana Komnenovic


Building Experience and Starting Your Career

Rosie Antonecchia

We contacted Career Center Director, Rosie Antonecchia from Palomar College and asked her to share her experience in helping students develop their careers. All the way from California, Rosie replied back with great advice and encouragement for current students. She encourages students to stay humble and invest in their future by earning valuable work experience while still in school. Here are some of the questions we asked Rosie:

In your opinion, how do internships or volunteer experience help students? Internships can provide a glimplse at a career they are strongly considering. Also, students can get valuable experience from volunteer opportunities and walk away with skills they can add to their resume. Maybe most importantly, they meet PEOPLE that have first hand experience and can give feedback to the intern about what they can bring to the table as a potential employee.

How do you help students to prepare resumes, portfolios, social media, and interviewing skills?  We offer job readiness workshops: resume and cover letter building, job search strategies, and mock interviews with career counselors.

What piece of advice would you offer a student struggling to obtain interviews? Practice, practice, practice with a live audience and be open to feedback. Making small adjustments during mock interviews can hep your correct the wrong behavior before the real interview.

What kind of skills are in demand by employers these days? Creativity and innovation, up to date technology skills, effective listening, verbal and written communications skills, strong interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, a strong work ethic, having a “can do” attitude, self-starters and strong team players.

What do you recommend for students looking for jobs in the creative industry? Instructors in the creative departments are a great resource of information for students in these programs. CreativeInterns.com seems like a valuable resource for entry-level talent and hiring employers.

Palomar College

Rosie Antonecchia’s 20+ years of counseling experience includes: group counseling, individual counseling, outreach activities, workshop facilitation, teaching classes, newsletter writing, marketing material production, that range from mental health facilities, high school settings, social work agencies, career centers and community colleges.  Rosie is currently a Career Center Director at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. 

Written by Ana Komnenovic


Benefits of Having an Internship Program

StudentsThere are many benefits of having an internship program. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a big company, having good interns can benefit your business in many ways.

Hiring interns is probably the best way to find future employees. An internship program can be a year-round recruiting process. For many that process can drain company’s resources but if you use your sources wisely it can be pretty simple and enjoyable. You can use different online job posting sites like CreativeInterns.com for getting word out to a wide crowd; as well as individual college career services departments.

Once your company completes its first round of an internship program you should be able to identify the kind of changes and improvements to make to your program. If you already have a developed internship program with learning exercises, word about your internship program could spread between students quickly. Soon you will have many students contacting you and asking for new opportunities.

Emerging talent looking for full-time work often apply to well-known companies. But when seeking internships, learning is the main motivation. Some students feel they’ll get more hands-on training and mentoring opportunities with smaller organizations. Internship programs can help smaller businesses secure quality talent while still in school. One great thing about hiring from an intern pool is that you can test skills and get to know them before offering a full-time position. In addition, interns will have a chance to understand the company culture and decide if it is a good fit for them too.

An intern can be a great extra pair of hands with a fresh, eager mind full of new ideas and creativity. Interns are also inexpensive source which is great advantage. Salaries of interns are much lower than full-time employees and their motivation is extremely high. After you find your perfect intern you might notice an amazing increase in productivity.

As a small business, you likely rely on community support. Creating an internship program is an excellent way to give back. Hiring interns not only helps students in your community get started, it improves the local workforce as a whole. Internships also provide students numerous benefits such as: industry experience, skill development, new connections and a chance to build their resume.

Offering a paid internship is extremely beneficial to emerging talent because it enables economically disadvantaged youth to participate. Students who have to help fund their own education will need a job, regardless. Providing an internship makes it easier to get job in future.

Written by Ana Komnenovic