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Videos and motion graphics animations related to career, internships, creative interns or the creative employment industry.


Tips For Hiring Kick-Butt Interns

Need to hire some interns or entry-level talent? Then you should watch this video by Marc Scoleri, CEO of

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How To Ace Your Interview

Many students and recent graduates blow their interviews because they do not follow some of the most basic recommendations in preparing and closing the interview process. has compiled some of the biggest faux pas into a 60 second motion graphics video to give you an edge over your competition.

Watch it, learn it, live it – Ace Your Interview!


Employers Benefit By Hiring Interns

Motion graphics animation describing the benefits of an internship program for employers. Animated by Diane Bruzzese, music by Robert May and concept created by Marc Scoleri.


Talent Spotlight Interview: Jamilla Pipersburg

Marc Scoleri, CEO of interviews Jamilla Pipersburg, current student and President of the Pace University Ad Club in New York City.


Design A Mind-Blowing Portfolio’s Motion Graphics Intern, Diane Bruzzese from Stevens Institute of Technology created this animation to illustrate some important points in Designing A Mind-Blowing Portfolio.