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International Internship Experience: Climb Every Mountain-Sail Every Sea


Ten years ago, who would have thought that one company could have employees working together from different countries, from all parts of the world, miles and miles away? The world is becoming more interconnected every day. Companies want to hire people from all around the world, exchange experiences and make their workforce more diverse and powerful.

As an international student, I can tell you from first-hand experience that companies like when you have overseas or international experience. I’m originally from Serbia. I found my way to Russia to study Russian in The Pushkin State Russian Institute over one summer and later in New York City to study Business and English at  New York Institute of Technology.

Every student that cares about their career and is hungry for experience should do at least one internship during their undergraduate studies. You can learn a lot from internship experiences. Even if the internship is unpaid, a quality company with knowledgeable workers and a structured internship program can boost your learning and help you develop new skills. Some unpaid internship programs are actually better than paid programs. It all depends on the type of experience and connections you are interested in obtaining.

You can earn industry experience, learn problem-solving skills, achieve accomplishments and all of that you can put on your resume to make it easier for you to get the job you are dreaming about. An international internship experience can benefit your career even more. Employers will recognize you as courageous for getting on the plane and flying into the unknown, working with other cultures and being able to use your knowledge and skills in any environment.

“Completing an internship overseas not only provides international work experience for your resume but also serves as a valuable cultural experience and network building opportunity. Also, if you want to practice improving a foreign language skill such as Spanish or Mandarin, consider interning in a country that requires you to speak these languages.”  says, Marc Scoleri, CEO of and Co-Founder of Creative Village. There is no better way to master a foreign language than to immerse yourself in that country, so you can speak the language every day and hear it all around.

Some may think you need rich parents to get international internship experience, not true, you can first intern over the summer somewhere local and work a part-time job to save money to complete an international internship the following summer. There are many travel guides  explaining how to save money for traveling, and also revealing facts on how to travel for cheap. You might be surprised how many different opportunities there are and how many companies are seeking fresh talent coming from other countries to make their business better and  exchange knowledge, experience and ideas with them.

Housing and transportation can be costly so make sure you do your research and create savings goals and a budget before you hop on the plane, train or boat to your new destination. If you do good research you will be able to find great deals. Most of the companies will be happy to help you out, give you tips and tell you about local deals. Once you get there you will see that everything is not that complicated. You might go through a little cultural shock, but definitely by the end of the experience it will all be worth it. You will have expanded your horizons and gained more knowledge about different cultures and the world.

Long story short, an internship abroad offers you many benefits. It promises a memorable and enjoyable experience, but more than that it offers you the chance to impress potential employers.


Tips for Interns’ Success

An internship is a valuable learning opportunity. As an intern you want to make the most of your time on the job. This is your chance to learn, show the employer what you have to bring to the table, and grow professionally. Here are some tips that will help:

Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Sometimes supervisors and coworkers are busy and might unintentionally overlook you. It’s ok to talk to your coworkers and supervisors. Get to know people in other departments as well. Networking is a great way to get to know others. And be sure to stay in touch and keep yourself memorable in case a full-time job becomes available. 80% of jobs are landed through networking.

Ask for things to do. If you complete tasks and have free time don’t wait for your supervisor to tell you what’s next. Take some initiative and ask what else you can work on. This will show that you are efficient and know how to take initiative.

Learn all you can about the industry. Read everything you can – training manual, press releases, trade publications, and even company memos. These things will help you stay in the loop. This also shows your interest and willingness to continue learning about the job.

Don’t complain about the grunt work. Every job has tasks that no one likes to do, but those things have to get done. Never say, “That’s not my job”. Treat these tasks as a learning experience and think about how it fits the bigger picture. You can also add these duties to your resume.

Take advantage of the fact that you are a student. Most people will want to help a student learn. Consider conducting an Informational Interview with people in areas you are interested in. For example, if you are a Communications major interning in Marketing, go talk to those working in PR to see what it’s like.

Ask to attend meetings and events. These are great learning experiences and you will get to see your supervisor and coworkers in action. The more involved you are, the more you will learn. Impressing your supervisor will help you build excellent references and keep you at the top of the list for potential job openings.

Don’t burn any bridges.You never know when you will cross paths with someone later in your career. Never speak negatively about past employers or coworkers. If you have a bad intern experience just put it behind you and move on.

Keep these things in mind and you are sure to stand out during your internship.

Written by Monique Skinner