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College to Creative Career

Attendees at College to Creative Career event

Creative Interns partnered with Cre8buzz to present College to Creative Career. Cre8buzz, part of The McIntyre Group, is a staffing firm that specializes in the creative, digital, and social media world. The presenters Kelly DeMasi and Jaime Laufer are both creative and digital recruiting managers.This event held at Wix Lounge and targeted towards students, recent grads, and job seekers was an informational networking opportunity for attendees. Among the topics discussed were the creative job market, job searching with social media, resumes, and interviewing. This was a great way to get a heads up on what hiring managers in the creative fields are looking for.

The creative job market is highly competitive and the presentation included examples of resumes and portfolios that showed how creatives can make themselves stand out from the rest. Another great point was how to brand yourself which is a good way to show who you are and what you do. A big trend today is social media. The presentation covered how to search for a job using social media and how companies use social media to recruit. This is helpful for creatives since just about everything today is done digitally. And most importantly, the interview. The presenters covered everything you need to know about interviewing to help you get a job like researching the company beforehand, how to present yourself at the interviewer, and how to answer popular interview questions.

Kelly & Jaime from cre8buzz

Jaime and Kelly offered insight on how they help job seekers get an interview and why it’s helpful for job seekers to use a recruiter rather than tackling the job search on their own. The atmosphere was intimate and relaxed. The recruiters also shared a few true stories about what not to do during an interview (like wearing too much perfume/cologne) which helped lighten the conversation. Overall the presentation was full of great information to jumpstart a creative career. For more information follow Cre8buzz on Twitter @cre8buzzzz, connect with them on LinkedIn, and like them on Facebook

Written by Monique Skinner


Interview of Diane Ly | Copywriter Intern

Diane Ly


Interviewee Name: Diane Ly

Intern Position Title: Copywriter Intern

Company Name: RAPP New York

Company URL:

Creative Interns: Tell us the steps you took to land an internship or entry-level position?

Diane Ly: Moving to New York from California with no job lined up was absolutely daunting, but I knew there were resources out there to help me find a position. The problem was, I wasn’t sure which one to use as an entry-level recent graduate with a creative background. showed up in my Google search (I’m actually not even sure what I searched), I applied for a PR/Marketing Assistant position (at Creative Interns!) and the rest was history. I worked closely w/ CEO and founder Marc Scoleri who became a close friend and wonderful mentor. Through Creative Interns, I was able to attend networking events I never would have found if I were not part of the community. I improved my writing portfolio through blogging, and landed a copywriting internship at RAPP New York.

Creative Interns: How did you find

Diane Ly: As part of my job search. The only source I can recall is Google!

Creative Interns: What keeps you caffeinated Coffee or tea?

Diane Ly: COFFEE. And lots of it.

Creative Interns: What made your internship experience unique?

Diane Ly: Since RAPP is my first advertising agency experience (I have a journalism background), I had no idea what to expect. Soon enough, I was thrown into briefings, creative brainstormings, and asked to write whatever the client needed. It was scary at first, but now that I’ve gotten the hang of it I know that I never would have been able to learn the skills I did in such a short period of time if I hadn’t been fully immersed in the advertising world as I was. It was a huge growth and learning experience.

Creative Interns: What skills did you learn or improve while at your internship?

Diane Ly: Teamwork. Coordinating with my art director partner and making sure we weren’t forgetting anything for our meeting. Communication is key – you can’t leave any questions unanswered.

Creative Interns: Can you describe what a normal day is for an intern at your company?

Diane Ly: Normally, I will be working on 1-3 projects at a time. Coming off a brief, I’ll research, write, and go over my work with a senior to make sure I’m hitting all the marks the client wants us to. I’ll work with the art director on the project, and together we’ll make MAGIC! A few rounds of internal reviews and then it’ll be looked over by the client, after which more edits will take place.

Creative Interns: Give us one word to describe your workplace environment?

Diane Ly: DIVERSE.

Creative Interns: What advice would you give to someone just starting to look for an internship or entry-level job?

Diane Ly: Do not give up and do not have an ego. Remember: you are one of SO many people looking for an entry-level position. So, don’t expect to hear back from every single job you apply to, and when you DO hear back, always, always, always take the opportunity to interview and grow, even if the position isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. It helps build interviewing skills and manage your nerves.

Creative Interns: What do you do to fill the inspiration gas tank?

Diane Ly: Go outside. Don’t coop yourself up in front of the computer screen all day. Taking a walk and seeing different things each day will inspire you to be adventurous.

Creative Interns: What’s next for you?

Diane Ly: Build my copywriting portfolio, learn from every project I have, and give advice to those who seek it. Good luck!


Design A Mind-Blowing Portfolio’s Motion Graphics Intern, Diane Bruzzese from Stevens Institute of Technology created this animation to illustrate some important points in Designing A Mind-Blowing Portfolio.