Social Media Predictions for 2014



At the end of every year, articles and blog posts circulate regarding predictions and trends for the next year. For 2014, one of the most circulated articles and posts are social media predictions for 2014. With the constant rise of social media and technology, it is important for young creatives to stay abreast of certain trends. I tapped into the thoughts of some professionals to see where the social media landscape could take us in 2014.

Social Media Reporting and Measurement

Yasheaka O, Philly-based public relations and social media strategist, is very interested in seeing the advancement of social media reporting and measurement. “Explaining the benefits of using social media advertising on Facebook, search engine marketing via Google Adwords, and other online marketing concepts is still a challenge. Especially, when dealing with smaller organizations that have a tight hold on the purse strings,” says Yasheaka.

In 2014, the advancement of social media reporting and measurement may help to determine new businesses and client relationships that young creatives are looking to develop.

Picture Messaging

From the installment of the camera phone to now, we have watched its evolution and how it has changed the way we engage. I spoke with Sade Muhammad, NBCUniversal Digital Coordinator to get her perspective on this evolution…

“The smartphone camera is probably one of the most essential features on the device. Picture messaging has increased from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat to memes. Super quick and immediately downloadable moments have changed the way we share our lives and the everyday business of brands and companies. I’m curious to see how picture messaging trends will transform in 2014,” said Sade.

The Biggest Competitive Advantage

Beverly Macy, social media professional and author of The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing, wrapped up 2013 with a look into 2014 on BlogTalkRadio. She touches on the convergence of social, mobile and big data and further explains the advantage for small businesses. “Cloud convergence will help increase market-response, customer-relationship management and real-time communications,” says Beverly Macy.

The above social media predictions and trends, among many others, will drive social communication in 2014. Let us know your thoughts on how these predictions will influence work for young creatives.

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