5 Tips For Managing Interns


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An internship is the perfect way to prepare students for future employment. As a manager you should strive to get the best out of your intern. This will help the intern to become a great employee. Here are 5 tips for managing interns:

Guide. Interns will not come into the workplace knowing the basics about how things are done so you will need to guide them. Make sure expectations and goals are clear and monitor how their work is being done so you can make corrections if necessary and offer them advice. The value of an internship for students is that it’s how they learn the basic functions about the job they want. This is their chance to experience what it will be like in the real work world.

Teach. Don’t treat your intern like they are just cheap labor. You should enjoy teaching and be willing to assist your intern with achieving their goals. If you create a positive learning experience for your intern they will repay you with positive brand awareness for your company. A great internship experience is like free advertising.

Plan. Have enough work for your intern to do. Your intern should be given tasks that are relevant to the job they want to do. But if there is downtime the intern might not know what to do next. Some will find stuff to do around the office, but not all interns will take the initiative. Plan ahead by having other projects the intern can work on. This could include things such as filing that has piled up or allow them to be creative and work on social media projects like creating a Facebook page for your company if you don’t have one.

Expect. You might not have the same expectations of your intern as you do for your regular staff, but you should have some expectations so that the time you put into hiring, training, and supervising them won’t be a waste. Even if your intern is unpaid they should still be accountable doing quality work.

Communicate. Have weekly meetings with your intern to keep the lines of communication open and create a mentoring relationship.Take the time to get to know your intern and discuss the work they are doing.These conversations will help you when it is time to do reviews and write letters of recommendation. If the intern is good maybe they’ll be your next full-time employee.

These are a few things you can do to make sure you are getting the best out of your intern. Keeping these points in mind will help with managing your intern and developing them into hire worthy employees.

Written by Monique Skinner

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